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It's been a long time since my last post. Yes, life is busy and exhausting sometimes.


Gosh, I forgot to breathe! Just like I say to the moms I support, don't forget to breathe! And I did.

Breathing is the key to manage anxiety and stress and well, go through life.

Personally I believe that a mindful breathing is doable by anyone, no need of special training. Anyway a guidance would be nice and useful when we cannot have a clear vision. There are many videos by Patricia Farrell, Phd, Clinical Psychologist on the internet that might help you starting with the relaxation, just like this one.

Joining a yoga class, I would say a Vinyasa Flow, would be great as well. The whole body will benefit of this little effort!

On the way to get rid of the weight on your shoulders, there are two more steps we need to take.

Talking. Talk openly to our close ones, tell them how you feel and why. What you would love them to do for us and how. Do not expect others to do what you want them to do without clearly asking for it. People have their own lifes and their own perspective. What causes you anxiety, may be a little tiny pebble for them. Show them what that "pebble" means to you. And breathe.

Seeking help. Reach out for professional help if you feel it is "too much". Asking for help is not a weakness. In fact, it means you have had a journey into yourself and indentified your limits. A limit is not a weakness. The horizon is not a limit. It is just a line which surprisingly is not the end.

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