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Baobaole stands not only for "carrying a baby".

It means a whole world to me. It is a neverending journey, from pregnancy throughout your new life as a parent. Just like a journey, we have to enjoy every moment and move on step by step. Gentle birth and holistic parenting are definitely possible and my mission is to spread the word and help new parents finding the most suitable parenting path. With Love!

First I became a laowai (tr. "foreigner"), then a mom.

As a new mom - an expat mom! I found myself alone, struggling to find information and support. Anything related to pregnancy, birth and parenthood in general was a big question mark for me and my partner. I needed help but couldn't find what I was really looking for.mLoneliness was hard. This is just wrong! New families need support, someone who will just be there.

The only remedy to heal my soul was "awareness".

Craving for knowledge and the innate will to help others made me join the Childbirth International Birth and Post Partum Doula training.

Whilst going thru my studies, the Baobaole project came to life. Babywearing helped me cope with my postpartum depression and build a strong relationship with my first baby (and of course with second and third!


I put together my skills and my passion for babywearing and... I finally realized what (and who!) I wanted to be!

And now I finally had the chance to put my passion for moms and children together with may passion for dancing. I am a Dancing for Birth certified instructor! Come try my class any Sunday downtown Beijing!

"Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside" (M. Walker)
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