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Services and Fees

Birth Support

Support the birthing couple at birth, with labor coaching techniques and natural pain management skills.

FEE: 10,000.00-13,000rmb (packages and specific requests may affect the final price)

Labor Coaching Classes

Private and group classes.

Breathing techniques, basic circuits for optimal positioning, relaxation, acupressure and natural pain management.

FEE: from 500.00rmb/session. 
Packages available.

Post Partum Doula

Help and support during first days at home with your little one. Breastfeeding, basic infant care. Baby blues and PPD support.

We can do this together!

FEE: from 500.00rmb/consultation.

Packages available.

Lactation Consultant

Assessment on mother and baby.
Professional support with breast/chest feeding.
Brest/chest feeding issues are addressed, cases where specific intervention is needed on moms and/or babies are identified.

FEE: from 600.00rmb/private in-house consultation.
Hospital consultations subject to different charges.

As a Doula, I Do Not:

Dancing for Birth

Dancing for Birth incorporates labor coaching, prenatal and post partum fitness and pregnancy focused choreographies for a mom friendly dance workout. Moms at any stage of pregnancy and moms with infants welcome!
1,980rmb per 10 classes. Free trial.
Friday 10:30-11:30am
Warrior One at Shang, Beijing

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Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Online and Offline Prenatal, Postnatal and Mommy&Me Yoga.

Contact me for schedule and fees.

ONLINE Prenatal/Post partum consultations, Labor Coaching, Lactation Consultancy and Dancing for Birth Classes

Available upon request.

Perform any clinical tasks

I do not perform any clinical task; I do not prescribe any medication.

My advices have no medical value.

Make decisions for you 

I give you information that can guide you to informed choices. I do not make decisions for you or your partner.

Your birth, your choices!

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I help you deal with the staff in order to make your wishes come true, but I do not speak for you. I am not the decision maker!

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I do believe that every person is unique. I respect you, your choices and your experience in full. In no way I will let my experience interfere with yours.

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