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My Slings

Babywearing is beneficial for both mom and baby and its short and long term effects are countless!
Finding the perfect carrier is not so easy though! I myself have been playing with some fabric in order to get exactly what I was looking for and finally I got to the actual design of the Baobaole slings.


I design and realize slings that have the perfect lenght and width for moms and babies/toddlers up to approx 20Kg, allowing several positions:

1. front carry, newborns to toddlers

2. hip carry, infant to toddlers

3. back carry, for toddlers only

4. cradle position, for newborns*

Slings are all handmade, 100% cotton double sided fabric, EU certified rings. Fabrics patterns are fancy and colourful, adding a bit of glam to our mommy days! Rings are available in many colours, all matching with the fabric of your choice. Slings come wih their own matching pursue.

Price 500rmb (excl shipping fee)

Price may vary for customised slings.

*The lying/cradle position may harm your child if not performed correctly. Please consult the nearest babywearing coach before performing it.

Take a look at the Gallery!

Info upon request

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