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Happy Women's Day!

This year I want to celebrate Women's Day giving Thanks.

Thanks to the Moms who choose me for being their companion through their journey into Motherhood.

Thanks to the Women who fought and to those who fight for a better World.

Thanks to Mother Nature who wanted me to be a Woman.

Thanks to my Mom, who was the mean into this amazing World.

Thanks to my Sisterhood, to my Circle of Women always ready to support me.

Thanks to my Little Girl, who chose me and loves me unconditionally.

Thanks to the Boy who birthed me as a Mother and made me find myself.

Thanks to the Boy who gave me the chance of having my own rebirth.

Thanks to the Man of my life, who taught me how to love myself. How wonderful and funny this life can be. Who always trusts me, before I even realise how powerful a Woman is.

Thank you!

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