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Safe Sling Use Part 1: TICKS Guidelines

Babywearing has become very popular lately as a healthy way of connecting with your baby and has finally moved from a small niche audience to mainstream parenting (especially in big cities where carrying your baby is way more convenient than pushing a large stroller!) Wearing your little one is biologically normal and basically means free cuddles, free hands and intense bonding just to name a few of its numerous beneficials!

In order to have a wonderful and safe experience, it is crucial to follow some simple safety guidelines.

TICKS Guidelines were developed in March 2010 in UK and have become the gold standard for safe baby carrying in many countries. TICKS provide 5 easy-to-remember steps to safely carry your baby, always keeping the airways clear:


In view

Close enough to kiss (I love it!)

Keep chin off chest

Supported back

A sling allows several positions, although the upright position may be considered the most "convenient" one. It allows us to achieve these 5 steps and it is the easiest to perform, especially for not experienced babywearer. Furthermore babies can be carried upright since birth! In fact a well fitting sling provides a newborn with the right support for head and spine, following the C shape curve, plus it is very beneficial for babies suffering from gas or reflux. Carrying your baby in a sling is a wonderful feeling and can be extremely empowering for moms (and other caregivers). Do it safely, and you will unlock the key to many adventurous cuddles!

In case of doubts, contact the nearest babywearing coach before wearing your child!

Image from internet. If you know the author, please contact me so I can credit her/him!

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