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Babywearing and self soothing? Oh yes!

Babywearing week 2017 has almost come to an end. I am truly happy to see the babywearer community growing fast! Babywearing benefits are endless and this is not meant to be one of those post where they go throuth all the pros one by one, no worries!

The other day I have been engaged in a discussion where babywearing was most seeing as an evi way to "spoil" a child and deny him/her the incredible gift of self soothing. Well, self soothing and babywearing do run on two separate tracks.

Babywearing is presence. It is responding with all of our body to a physiological need. And furthermore it is the most ancient thing in Nature. Can Nature be so wrong?

Self soothing is something the baby experiences little by little, until totally comfortable in his/her own skin. It is a self taught skill. In order to acquire it you really need to be self confident and content. To know deep in your heart that everything will be ok. Self soothing does not exist if it causes stress and tiredness. It would just be a paradox per se.

Our newborns do need us to know they exist.

Our children need to feel secure in order to move their first steps.

Gaining independence is a natural process, which happens with time in tandem with the strenghtening of self confidence.

Babywearing does not interfere with any "milestone" you can think about and in fact it helps the heathy growth. Being a babywearer does not make you any dumber or your baby more dependent. It may be addictive though!

Guess: is she wearing a wrap?

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