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What's in your bag?

It takes a while to get what a doula is (see previous post here).

When they get what I am, they will eventually ask me: "What's in your bag?"

A doula bag is like a Mary Poppins' bag. But no magic pills!!!!

As a doula, I have to read and hear people, both moms and dads, before they get to realise they need something. A n y t h i n g. And this is what I love to do. I love childbirth and I love to take care of people.

I do need tools though, so let's open my bag...

1 full set of clothes

Cloth, towels and pads

Honey sticks -- mommy needs energy!

Pineapple juice

Sickness bags

Rice sock -- very good for massage, they can be easily heated up

Combs -- well, I can braid your hair if you wish but combs are good companions in pain management! By holding them in your hands, you can stimulate some acupressure points that will help you through the waves

Cold pressed almond oil -- ah, a gooood back massage!

Flags and cards to jaiyou

Rebozo -- it is my old style alley!!

And of course a little gift for the new family!

So now... What's in your bag? ;)

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