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What IS a Doula?

What do you do?

You are a dou... What? I love the look that paople gives me when I answer that question!

I am a Doula.

What IS a Doula?

Doula, from the Greek δούλα, doúla, “servant-woman”. A Doula offers non medical support during labor, birth and postpartum. This includes physical assistance (natural pain management, massage, posture), emotional support to the birthing family and acting as an advocate for the birthing mom.

A Doula can help during post partum in many ways, from preparing healthy meals to helping cope with Baby Blues and Post Partum Depression.

Evidences have proven the beneficials of Doula assistance on both maternal and newborn/infant health, including lower C-Sections rate, the use of fewer medications, positive psychological benefits for mothers, satisfying birth experiences, and successful breastfeeding.

Basically a Doula is on your side. Always. With Love.

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